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Rita's wherabouts for the next few days are:


Every Wednesday - at The Lamb, Portsmouth Road Surbiton

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26th September: Elmbridge Food Festival, Painshill Park 

27th September: Elmbridge Food Festival, Painshill Park

3rd October: Great British Food Festival, Polesdon Lacey

4th October: Great British Food Festival, Polesdon Lacey

17th October: Camberley Farmers Mkt

18th October: Richmond Duckpond Mkt

24th October: Cobham Farmrs Mkt

24th October: The Lamb, Surbiton

25th October: Richmond Duckpond Mkt

25th October:The Lamb, Surbiton

31st October: Reigate Tunnel Halloween Streeteats

31st October: Los dia de los Muertos, The Lamb, Surbiton

1st November: Ruislip Duckpond Mkt

5th November: Bonfire Night, Imber Court, Molesey

6th November: Bonfire Night, Sutton Park Woking

7th November: Walton Farmers Mkt

8th November: Richmond Duckpond Mkt












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